Why you should become a shareholder and how we work

In a nutshell
Why should you become a shareholder?
1) If our experiments are successful you will get a monthly dividend,
   but more importantly,
2) you will be aiding in the development of a technology that will be helping others.
How are the dividends generated?
We speculate in the foreign exchange market, specifically the USD/CAD pair.
Our A.I. assisted process : 1) buys low and sells high (long)
                                           2) sells highs and buys low (short)
How we work - explained simply
Below is a simplified version of how we work. If you need more clarity, no problem as you will be speaking to one of our team members should you choose to become a shareholder, so, no worries....eh (yep we're Canadian) 

What we do

The Canada FX Fund is a fintech

 firm that utilizes

artificial intelligence (A.I.)

to generate

exceptional returns

in the

foreign exchange market. 

How we do it

We use the funds from our shareholders to

develop our trading A.I.


conduct experiments

in the

foreign exchange market

that generate returns.

Why we do it

We consider

success/ proof of concept

to be a consistent monthly


of at least 5%.

We hope that the consistent returns generated by us may be of help to our shareholders.