Leadership Program

Why you should become a leader (Shareholder Experience Manager)

Heart & Hands


Everyone has goals and/or challenges. When they potentially earn 5% a month they get closer to accomplishing their goals or overcoming their challenges, THANKS TO YOU.


Help Yourself

By helping others you are rewarded psychologically and financially. Knowing that you have helped to make someone's life better is one of the best rewards in the world. In addition you will earn 10% on the gains the persons who you bring in make.


Help the World

The world is made better one person at a time. When you help others and yourself you are making the world better twice as fast. As we accomplish our goals and overcome our challenges together, the world is being made better.

How our leadership program works 

As easy as 1 - 2 - 3

STEP 1 - Fill out the referral form (one sheet per referral)

STEP 2 - Once your referral joins you will be notified via email.

STEP 3 - During the first week of each month your commission earned for the prior month will be sent to you via E-interac and your commission statement emailed to you


How your commissions are calculated 

You earn 10% each month on the gain on the shareholders you refer to the fund

Example : You refer a shareholder in April that joins with $1000 in May

                  The shareholder remains for the entire month of May

                  The fund's gain for may is 5%



                   Your referral's gain   :  $1000 x 5% = $50

                   Your commission      :  $50 x 10% = $5

Multiple referrals example : You refer the following in April that joins in May : Referral A  : $100

                                                                                                                                   Referral B  : $1,000

                                                                                                                                   Referral C  : $10,000

                  The shareholders remains for the entire month of May

                  The fund's gain for may is 5%


                   Your referrals' gain   :   Referral A  : $100        x 5% = $    5

                                                          Referral B  : $1,000     x 5% = $  50

                                                          Referral C  : $10,000   x 5% = $500


                                                          Total                                         $555

                   Your commission      :  $555 x 10% = $55.50



If you need any mentoring on becoming the  best leader you can be, let's connect.