All about the Canada FX Fund's dividends.

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

A dividend is the issuing of some or all or an entity's profits to eligible shareholders.

Why we pay a dividend.

We pay a dividend because we want to help our shareholders. It is our hope and belief that the dividends we pay our shareholders help to make their lives better.

Canada FX Fund's (the Fund) shareholders can expect a dividend monthly as a reward for their trust in our experiments. A crucial aspect in our development is our proof of concept proven by delivering a consistent track record of dividend payments. Our consistent dividends are cardinal to us as it maintains investors’ trust in our experiments but more importantly our shareholders are helped monthly.

Important Dividend Dates at Canada FX Fund

At the Fund, our dividend payments follow a chronological timeline and the dates below are important to determine the shareholders who qualify for receiving the monthly dividend payment.

  • Announcement date: The Announcement date is the date on which an entity announces its dividend. Dividends are announced by the Fund on the announcement date and sent to each shareholder via email. The Fund's announcement date is the 4th to last business day of each month

  • Ex-dividend date: This is the most important date. The ex-dividend date is the day on which dividend eligibility expires. For instance, if an entity has an ex-dividend date of Friday, March 25, then shareholders who buy the stock on or after that day will NOT qualify to get the dividend as they are buying it on or after the dividend expiry date. Shareholders who own the stock one business day prior to the ex-dividend —that is on Thursday, March 24, or earlier—will receive the dividend. The Fund's ex-dividend's date is the 3rd to last business day of each month

  • Record date: The record date is the cut-off point, set by an entity in order to ascertain which shareholders are eligible to receive a dividend. The Fund's record date is the 2nd to last business day of each month

  • Payment date: The payment date is the day an entity issues the payment of the dividend. The Fund's shareholders can opt to have their dividends rolled over or sent to their bank accounts. The Fund's payment date is the last business day of each month

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