Shareholder Relations

Our "human" face


Deon McLennon

Shareholder Relations Manager

The Canada FX Fund "The Fund", believes our relationships are paramount. The Fund's entire endeavor is to make the world a better place, and this cannot be done without relationships. This realization has led to an evolution in our thinking, a paradigm shift on how our organization is structed. The paradigm shift is that the chief should not be distant or unreachable but the other way around, he/she should be the primary touchpoint. Only in that manner can we truly say that relationships are paramount.

Our Shareholder Relations Manager in addition to being responsible for the records and administration of the Fund's shares plays the primary leadership role in our ambition to make the world a better place, as he is the touchpoint with shareholders.


His priority is to ensure the Fund delivers on and exceeds our shareholders' expectations of their Canada FX Fund experience. By creating a positive, and accountable environment, his dedication to shareholder service excellence and glowing hearted hospitality will allow us to anticipate and deliver on our shareholders' needs, while providing proactive and empathetic leadership to our team.  

  • Representing our brand and company vision for shareholder service excellence

  • Understanding our internal and external stakeholders by anticipating needs and delivering on promises

  • Caring for our shareholders in difficult situations

  • Building and nurturing trusting relationships. Fostering development by empowering, coaching and supporting our team to be their very best

  • Embodying and modelling the Fund's  behavior: 

    • Treating shareholders with care & class

    • Demonstrating to shareholders how we are building an entity that is making the world a better place 

    • Ensuring all  members provide glowing-hearted hospitality at all shareholder touchpoints

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